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‘She Screamed’: Sunbather Run Over By Police Truck

‘She Screamed’: Sunbather Run Over By Police Truck


It was just another day at the beach for Louisiana sunbather Lindsey Gordon—until a police officer failed to see the 24-year-old and ran over her in his marked pickup truck on Thursday afternoon, reports Grand Isle Police Assistant Chief Norris Esponge is on administrative leave pending a state police investigation, though state police spokesman Sgt. Nick Manale says that “no impairment is suspected,” reports Another rep says Esponge made a pass of the beach once in the truck, variously described as a Ford F-150 and F-250, but he didn’t see Gordon or her friend when he doubled back.

gordonjpg-8dc500d0067e3347 earlier reported that Manale described Gordon’s injuries as “moderate,” but WVUE is now reporting that Gordon has undergone multiple surgeries to repair a shattered pelvis and deal with internal bleeding. Meanwhile, her family is in shock. Gordon’s mother, Suzanne Baggett, says the two women had “just got there and laid down,” and that her daughter screamed but “didn’t have time to get out of the way and … got rolled over.” Her friend managed to escape unscathed. Gordon “screamed to get him to stop,” a relative of the friend tells WVUE.


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you know he was checking out a hot blonde with big tits then bump….bump

Wait, he said he drove around the nobody was there and then he ran over the (presumably) only two women on the beach?

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