Scumbag Dude Sends Nude Photos Of His Side Chick To Her Boss With The Help Of His Long-Term Girlfriend

Scumbag Dude Sends Nude Photos Of His Side Chick To Her Boss With The Help Of His Long-Term Girlfriend



Most people go to great lengths to keep their professional lives and their personal lives separate. Church and state. That’s why water cooler conversations usually center around the day’s dew point and what Fred took down for lunch. Spoiler alert: his wife’s “famous” lasagna. Again.

But imagine the humiliation of your entire office getting exposed to your most intimate, provocative endeavors. Like nude photos of yourself intended for one person and one person only.

Well, that’s what we’re dealing with in this fucked up story of a man who tried to humiliate his mistress with by sending naked snaps of her to colleagues. He did this all with the help of his girlfriend he was cheating on.

Juan Majendie, 30, sent the nude pictures of a woman to her boss as he struggled to decide between her and his long-term girlfriend, 22-year-old Illona Wroblewska. Pictured below is Juan and Illona.




According to Mirror,  Juan initially told his side chick that he would break up with his girlfriend but then went on a vacation to Africa with Wroblewska. That didn’t stop him from sending her explicit messages throughout the trip with his girlfriend, even telling her he loved her. When he returned from Africa, the two had sex behind Wroblewska’s back. Metaphorically. She wasn’t in the same room, turning away, while her boyfriend was jackhammering.

Soon thereafter, Juan ended the affair and told the victim he didn’t want to see her again.

But we’re just getting started. Juan’s girlfriend then messaged his former mistress to tell her she had found naked pictures of her, presumably on Juan’s cell phone.

Prosecutor Tracy Mesmain told Thames Magistrates’ Court in July:

“On June 7, the victim woke up at 9am to find two fake Facebook accounts with seven pictures of her, one of which was naked.

The victim was in states of undress and sexually posing.

These pictures were sent to her friends and her employment.

This was of great embarrassment to her and added difficulty at work with her boss.”

Wroblewska admitted to publicizing the explicit photos on Facebook in June, five months before her husband doubled down and did the same.

Since then, Juan and his girlfriend got engaged.

Kind words to a dude who was balls deep in a side chick while you planned a dinner date for the night after.

In a string of shitty decisions Illona has made, add this to the list.


I give it before the end of the year before Juan is banging the cleaning lady.

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