Scumbag Reminds Facebook Friends That Girl Who Committed Suicide Also Rejected Him

Dude… COME ON… Time and place. This is neither. Why would you even bring this up in the first place? He does the whole “with all due respect” type of line so he thinks he can say whatever he wants after that… As you can see by the comments, people disagreed.

This dude use the timing of this girls suicidee to prove a point? At least I think that is what he was trying to do.

It takes a real scumbag post something like this.

He doesn’t just take one shot at her. He makes sure all of his Facebook friends know he tried various times and still had no success.

I am seeing why someone like you might be rejected.

Check out his Facebook post below:

Guys like this scumbag are pretty popular on the internet these days. It doesn’t take much to get them fired up and screenshot looking like some real tools.

Take this guy for example. He went 0-100 real quick. All over a little bit of flirting. Losing his cool was just the start. He made sure to dig the hole as deep as he could while bragging about being too cool for school anyways!

Check out this meltdown.

See ya dude. Deep end.


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