A second grade teacher showed up drunk to work the other day, so hammered she didn’t know what day of the week it was, or the first name of the president.

Holly Joel was substituting at Bentley Elementary School, in Sanford, Florida, when people noticed her acting erratically.

The principal and other officials performed their own type of sobriety test, asking her what day it was. Monday, she said, when it was Tuesday.

Hey, happens to me sometimes, even when I’m not lit.

She then failed test two.

When asked to name the president, she answered, “Obama.”

When asked the first name of the president, she answered, “Obama,” according to the report.

She also stumbled in front of the principal when he asked her to stand up, and officials determined her water bottle was full of alcohol.

That’s when police were called. They found five bottles of pills in her purse, one of which was confiscated.

The principal said there were under 25 students in the class, and they were also being supervised by an intern at the time. The principal wrote to parents about the incident, assuring them that the students were never in danger.




A Second Grade Teacher Showed Up So Drunk To Work She Couldn’t Even Name The President

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