Secret Photography Up Women’s Skirts Is Legal In Georgia


ATLANTA (CBS46) –It’s a court decision that might have many women in Georgia thinking twice about whether they’re going to wear a skirt in public again.

Due to a technicality, the Georgia Court of Appeals recently ruled invasion of privacy laws in Georgia do not include sneaking a photo up a woman’s skirt in public.

If it is behind closed doors, like a dressing room, bathroom stall, the law protects against it, but if the same type of picture is taken in a supermarket or on the sidewalk, it is legal.

The case the court of appeals heard before making their decision came from Perry, Georgia, which is near Macon. It was successfully argued by Houston County public defender, Michael Rivera.

But in the Atlanta region, we’ve seen men arrested in Snellville ,and most recently, in a Brookhaven supermarket for doing the exact same thing.

It’s not clear whether those cases will be affected by the ruling.

Georgia State University Law Professor, Tanya Washington, disagrees with the ruling.

“You’ve given people license to continue this kind of behavior until the next legislative session which is not until next year,” said Washington.

In their 6-3 opinion the judges said the flaws are in the wording of the law, and it’s up to state lawmakers to fix it.

State Senators like Vincent Fort are also unhappy with the ruling.  He said he is going to jump on this and make sure the law gets corrected at the next legislative session, which is in the spring.

“So we’re going to have six months or so where these creeps can run around doing this stuff,” said Fort.

Until then, women in Georgia should be extra aware of their surroundings while wearing a skirt or dress in public.
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One woman’s reaction to the ruling


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