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Security Camera Catches Plane Crash On Freeway

Security Camera Catches Plane Crash On Freeway


New video released Friday by John Wayne Airport shows the exact moment a small twin-engine plane crashed on the 405 Freeway in Santa Ana in June and burst into a fireball.

The video from a security camera at an airport parking lot shows the white Cessna 310 barreling toward the freeway and crashing onto the pavement on the morning of June 30.

As the aircraft smashes into the freeway and narrowly avoids hitting dozens of vehicles traveling on both sides of the interstate, a flash can be seen, followed by a large ball of fire.

Video from a second airport camera shows the blaze transforming into a mushroom cloud of black smoke.The pilot, Francis Pisano, and his wife, Janan, survived the crash after an off-duty fire captain from Avalon pulled them from the wreckage.

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