See How Much the Kardashians Have Changed Over Time In These Creepy Time-Lapse Videos

None of us would have expected that the Kardashian family would last as staples in pop culture, especially since they gave us the most empirically annoying celebrity in America, but here we are. It’s been a long journey, full of complaining about their omnipresence in the media along the way. But as much as we hate Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, we CAN’T. STOP. LOOKING. That’s why the following time-lapse videos of the Kardashian sisters and their ever-changing faces is so hard to not see, NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU DON’T WANT TO LET THEIR FAME GROW EVEN MORE. In the words of Good Will Hunting, it’s not your fault. (It’s Ryan Seacrest’s fault. Everything wrong in your life is Ryan Seacrest’s fault.)

If this doesn’t confirm beyond ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT that these women have all had plastic surgery, then I don’t know what will. Kylie is the most obvious, of course, because she went from looking like a girl on your sister’s softball team to an uncomfortably sexy real-life Bratz doll. Kim claims that her facial transformation is thanks to the wonders of “contouring”, but unless “contouring” means “highlighting desired features with varying light and dark makeup while also pumping your face with Botox and your lips with fillers”, that’s simply not the case. Khloe, well, let’s face it, no one is that interested in Khloe’s face. But on the bright side, that basically means she can do whatever the f*** she wants with it and WE’LL NEVER NOTICE!

See How Much the Kardashians Have Changed Over Time in These Creepy Time-Lapse Videos


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