See Inside The New Air Force One – A $367 MILLION PLANE

The world of private jets is one that’s rarely experienced by 99% of the global population, but of that 1% that have the luxury of flying private, an even smaller percentage have the privilege of flying in a completely converted airliner, essentially a mansion in the sky. Recently, Airbus and Boeing have begun selling “VIP” versions of their airliners under the Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet brands.

Though most private accommodations come in the form of an Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, that’s not nearly the upper echelon of VIP luxury. Greenpoint Technologies is a company that specializes in customizing these large scale conversions for high end clients and Heads-of-State. Recently, The Air Force has selected the Boeing 747-8 as the President’s new plane. Below are photos from Geenpoint Technologies that will give you an idea of the absolute opulence that the President will soon be flying in. Though the price tag isn’t cheap, the asking price will be around $367 million.

The Boeing 747-8 VIP is the longest and second-largest airliner ever built. Powered by a team of four General Electric GEnx engines, the plane can fly 8,000 nautical miles nonstop.

The Boeing has been selected to be the president’s new plane, Air Force One.

The asking price for the jumbo jet is $367 million — and that’s before the all the luxurious goodies are installed.



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Next time I update my private 747, I’ll make sure there is a kitchen and bathroom fitted

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