Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She’ll Be ‘Fake Until I Die’

Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She’ll Be ‘Fake Until I Die’


A self-styled human Barbie doll – who has admitted to splurging her £7,000 ($9,500) inheritance on G-cup breasts – has now made the move into webcam stardom, making a whopping £1,000 ($1,350) a week popping balloons and showing her feet to viewers online.


Jade Lynn, 22, first had a stab at fame on Channel 5’s 100% Hotter back in 2016, where she was given a makeover by a team of experts. Rejecting their look, she decided instead to move into the online fetish market.

She explained she has never been made to feel uncomfortable by a client, and that if she’s asked to do something she’s not happy with, she can block them.

Jade, who hails from Bristol,said: “I get paid by the minute, so I do have some quiet days, but if you put the time in, it pays well.

“Obviously, a lot of it is taking off my clothes, but there are also lots of fetishes out there I had no idea about. Men have asked me to pop balloons on webcam, smoke, or show off my feet – this has opened up a whole world of things that people are into.”

The unique look – which could help her earn over £50,000 a year – hasn’t come cheap, and requires a fair amount of effort, too. Applying fake tan every day, Jade also takes up to five hours to do her makeup.

Jade said she’s always been a fan of the Barbie doll look, having made the first move towards the aesthetic when she bleached her naturally dark hair at around 16 years old.

She continued: “I’d gradually add more and more.

“A lot of other girls who do webcam work look like me, and I’ve always looked like this, so as silly as it sounds, I feel like I was born to do this.”


She’s since ditched the blonde extensions and now wears wigs, but makeup remains a bit of a mission – beginning with layers of foundation, before applying false lashes, several coats of mascara, pink eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and lip gloss.

“It actually annoys me how long I take, but I’m never going to stop,” she said.

“If I have all day, I’ll take all day.

“I’ll go back and forth adding to it. If I had the time, I could take about five hours sitting there, making sure it was perfect.”

As well as four lots of lip filler – costing £250 each time for 1ml – Jade has £7,000 breast implants, which she paid for using inheritance money left by a late family member.

She explained: “I got my boobs done when I was around 19. It wasn’t purely cosmetic, I had lots of problems with my natural chest. It was asymmetric, and my nipples were inverted.

“It made me incredibly self-conscious. Nobody ever saw my chest. Even with my boyfriend at the time, I’d always keep my bra on and would stuff it with loads of tissue.

“I went from an A cup to a G. I haven’t had any other surgery yet, but I’d love the full works if I could.”

Credit: PA Real Life

While she is currently seeing a new man, she believes her extreme look has taken its toll on her love life in the past.

Jade continued: “People can react negatively to me and say nasty things. I’ve even had photos taken of me, but it doesn’t bother me. It stresses my Mum out as she wants to protect me and doesn’t want me upset.

“But I love being OTT. Whatever the weather, I’ll be glammed up in a dress and heels, because that’s what makes me happy.

“I’d never judge someone else for what they look like, so people shouldn’t do the same to me. Each to their own.

“I’ll never be put off by comments, though. I’ll be fake until I die.”

She added: “I love my Barbie look. I don’t want to look like everyone else – I want to stand out.”

You know what would really make you stand out in today’s society?  Being a good and caring person. But nevermind all that its much easier to mesh in with all the others who have spent thousands to ruin themselves and ‘stand out’ too.  Don’t we have a healthy society with well developed individuals?  Isn’t living in this kind of world nice?

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