Senior Pentagon Navy Official Caught On Camera Threatening Young Men With Gun

Senior Pentagon Navy Official Caught On Camera Threatening Young Men With Gun

A senior naval official is under investigation after pulling a gun on some young men outside his home, CBS News’ David Martin reports. One of those men recorded the heated altercation on his phone.

Karnig Ohannessian, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Environment, can be seen in the video pointing a gun at young men he says are drunk and making noise outside his house in the Washington suburbs.


Karnig Ohannessian is seen pointing a gun at young men outside of his home.

Ohannessian tells the boys to get in their car, to which one of them responds: “You’re pointing a gun at my friend. This is a criminal offense, so please stop it.”

The men taunt him while one of them records the incident.

“Be thankful you have a gun man,” one of the boys tells Ohannessian as he continues to brandish the gun. “It shows what kind of a [expletive] you are.”

A woman seen in the video talking on the phone is apparently Ohannessian’s wife. She later pleads for him to let the men leave as he claims that they are on his private property.


Ohannessian’s wife apparently tried to calm the situation.

It’s unclear if the gun is loaded, but in the footage Ohannessian threatens to use it.

“I can shoot the [expletive] out of you guys right now,” he says.

Shortly after the incident last month, the mother of one of the young men filed a complaint. Ohannessian, who is also a recipient of two meritorious civilian service awards, was briefly taken into custody.

The Navy learned of the incident on Tuesday when shown the video by CBS News. In a statement, Rear Adm. Dawn Cutler, Navy Chief of Information, said officials are aware of the incident and video. “Mr. Ohannessian’s supervisor is taking the appropriate action, to include working to understand the full details of what occurred,” Cutler said.

No charges have been filed against Ohannessian, and the investigation remains open.

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4 replies on “Senior Pentagon Navy Official Caught On Camera Threatening Young Men With Gun”

don’t see the problem he did not shoot and the other men freely admit they would have attacked him if he did’nt have the like most of these vids it does not show what led up to this action

You can tell he’s an old school range shooter by his non-military shooting configuration. More contemporary configurations eliminate the cup and saucer hand position and the bladed stance. Perhaps he watches too many movies.

He should have called the police. If they were black, the police would have executed them.

I think people are shocked that a high ranking Pentagon official used poor judgement by brandishing a weapon, instead of caliing the police to handle it.

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