Serial Burglar Smashes Into City Centre Traffic

Serial Burglar Smashes Into City Centre Traffic


 Martin Tolan, 28, rammed into eight cars at a busy junction as he desperately tried to escape the fast-approaching officers.

CCTV captures the reckless crook try to force his way through the vehicles at the traffic lights in central Birmingham on April 12.

Cops then swarm the stolen red Mini and smash each window in with batons to detain Tolan in the video. He is dragged out of a window and arrested for the theft of the car and two other vehicles.

Three people suffered minor injuries in the crash, which caused long delays in and around Birmingham city center. Tolan was jailed for nine years and 11 months last week at the city’s crown court after officers linked him to a string of burglaries and car thefts.

The lowlife, of Turves Green, Birmingham, eventually admitted multiple burglaries, dangerous driving , handling stolen goods and theft.


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