Serial Killer ‘Grannyball Lecter’ Caught On Video Transporting Body Parts & A Severed Head In A Pot

Earlier this month, a suspected serial-killing cannibal in the form of 68-year-old Tamara Samsonova was accused of killing, dismembering, and eating up to 14 people, including her husband. Because of the grisly nature of her crimes, and because of the cannibalism, British press nicknamed her “Grannyball Lecter.” The St. Petersburg, Russia resident also reportedly detailed the killings in her diary.

grannyball lecter

According to Daily Mail, CCTV video emerged of Samsonova carrying the severed head of her last victim, 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova, for whom she was serving as a caretaker, around in a saucepan.

“The head which she took out in the saucepan is not found yet,” said the neighbor of the last victim, Natalia Fedotovskaya. “Later, rumors started appearing that Valentina’s head had been found not far from the local school, but this is not true. I think police spread this rumor because they want people here to calm down and stop thinking about this head. In fact, it is very likely that she threw this saucepan with the head into the garbage skip, which is usually taken away on a Saturday morning.”

Samsova was previously filmed discarding the rest of Ulanova’s remains in a garbage bag, after allegedly killing her over a squabble regarding some dirty teacups. Fedotovskaya then disclosed details about Ulanova’s funeral.

“We buried her body parts without the head, which hasn’t been found,” said Fedotovskaya. “Poor Valentina, I hope she will rest in peace.”

Like most serial killers, Samsonova was described by neighbors as someone quiet who kept to herself.

“I can’t remember a single case when she was aggressive. No hint of it. She never even even spoke in loud voice,” said neighbor Marina Krivenko. “I try to explain it to myself, and I think it was some kind of call she heard in her head from time to time which made her kill.”

The police are still trying to link Samsonova’s diary entries to killings and have connected the entries to the murder of a male tenant and a legless, headless, armless torso that was found on her street 12 years ago.

Serial Killer ‘Grannyball Lecter’ Caught On Video Transporting Body Parts & A Severed Head In A Pot


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