Sex Dolls Capable Of Conversation Will Soon Be A Reality Through The Power Of A.I.

One of the worst parts about having sex with a doll is that you’re having sex with a doll. Now, in a stroke of scary genius, someone is working on artificial intelligence that will allow these animatronic sex slaves to have filthy conversations with you.
It’s like an X-Rated version of that scene from the original Toy Story where Buzz Lightyear sees all the other Buzzes.

Matt McCullen is the inventor of the RealDoll, but wants to up the ante by infusing A.I. with his popular line of sexual surrogates.


Kill me-e-ee-ee…….

This is the $10,000 head you’ll be able to attach to your current RealDoll (I mean who doesn’t have one, right?) The doll talks and even responds to your questions, here’s a sample conversation below:

M: “What are some of your features?”

R: “I am equipped with sensors, to maximize my effectiveness doing sexual activity.”

M: “So, you’re going to be able to actually, have sex then?”

R: “Robotics in the bedroom! Sounds like fun.”

You know, programmed with the right A.I., I could see this thing being used as a low-cost substitute teacher in a pinch. Let’s just keep it away from High-Schools, though.

“You have a beautiful smile, sex robot was it? Do you come here often?”

The A.I. is also being programmed to respond to touch. McCullen even compares the robo-sexual experience to playing Rock Band. There’s no word as to whether or not you’ll be able to use the RealDoll as a controller in the popular gaming franchise, or how the hell that would even work.

Go ahead. Watch how our end begins.



3 replies on “Sex Dolls Capable Of Conversation Will Soon Be A Reality Through The Power Of A.I.”

Seriously, What would one converse with a sex Doll about? Now if could go make me a sammich, that would be different 🙂

Here’s a question for you. Let’s say an average looking hooker offered you free sex, but her brain was hardwired to constantly spout ads by Google. Would you take her up on it?

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