Sex, Drugs & Ineptitude: Your Government Scandal Scorecard

Secret Service officers search the White House grounds after an unmanned aerial drone was found there. Jan. 26, 2015.
The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, Michele Leonhart, on Tuesday announced her resignation, in part because of reports that some of her agents had partied with prostitutes in Colombia.If that sounds familiar, it’s because Secret Service agents did the same thing not so long ago.


In fact, scandal has become almost synonymous with certain government agencies. To help you keep track, we dug through news reports about agents’ misadventures dating back to 1990.

The chart below displays some of the types of scandals that have plagued the DEA, the Secret Service and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.



*This report comes from a single source, the New York Post.

**This includes the time the Secret Service couldn’t stop a knife-wielding man from running into the White House, the time a DEA official left important documents in a suspect’s home, and the time the ATF misplaced guns in Mexico.


-The Secret Service partying with prostitutes.
-The Secret Service perhaps doing some cocaine.
-Secret Service agents having a bit too much to drink.
-That time the Secret Service let a knife-wielding man run into the White House probably qualifies as basic ineptitude.
-DEA agent sex parties.
-DEA agents stealing raided drugs, then selling them.
-The DEA spies on Americans.
-A DEA official left documents in a suspect’s home that included the name of an informant.
-ATF officials didn’t report that instructors in the agency were allegedly having sex with students.
-One time, an ATF agent decided to steal more than $46,000 while searching a house.
-ATF runs sting operations with fake drugs, and judges have dismissed the resulting criminal cases.
-The ATF lost weapons in Mexico.


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