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Sex Offender Caught Playing The Easter Bunny At The Mall

Sex Offender Caught Playing The Easter Bunny At The Mall

Easter Bunny Greets Shopping Mall

All of your worst fears about who’s inside those furry character costumes were confirmed Wednesday when a registered sex offender was caught impersonating the Easter bunny at a South Dakota mall.

According to The Pioneer Press, 24-year-old Daniel Sanderson of Minot, South Dakota, was (probably) lurking inside his bunny costume and bouncing terrified children on his lap when the police received a tip that he was doing what was probably an inappropriate job. The police looked up his stats, found he’d violated his probation in several ways, and took him into custody.Via Pioneer Press:

Sanderson was taken into custody Wednesday by police on a probation violation warrant and faces an additional felony charge for failing to update his employment status with the Minot Police Department.

Another warrant is pending for Sanderson failing to update his place of residence with the police department.

The plucky bunny hopped onto the sex offenders registry in December after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor indecent exposure charge. At least he’s not a kid-toucher?

While there is no law explicitly barring sex offenders from finding seasonal work as costumed characters, I imagine it’s not the most welcoming field for them. Sanderson found the gig through a job service agency; both the employment agency and the company running “the Easter photo experience” say they were unaware of his sex offender status.






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Why do parents terrorize their kids with bunnies, Santas, fairies and lies? I guess it is to prepare them for a life of subjugation to the god myth.

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