Sex Scandal – Stripper And Former Teacher Is Visited At Strip Club By Her Teen Lover Who She Lost Her Teaching Job Over

Sex Scandal – Stripper And Former Teacher Is Visited At Strip Club By Her Teen Lover Who She Lost Her Teaching Job Over



Remember Mary Beth Haglin, the former substitute teacher who got fired from her teaching job for having an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old student? Well she has changed careers, trading in her chalkboard and lesson plans to g-strings and strip poles because she is now a stripper.

The teacher from Cedar Rapids, Iowa lost her long-term substitute teacher job when she was believed to have a sexual relationship with a student from Washington High School. She was arrested for sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee. The 24-year-old teacher gave an interview to Crime Watch Daily to give her side of the story.

She said the student always talked to her at school and then messaged her on Facebook. He would start up conversations and ask her to get coffee with him. Soon, Mary Beth took him up on one of those dates.

She tells of the first sexual encounter which started on a hayride in a neighboring town and then they went to Bever Park. They sat in his car and the boy started kissing and touching the teacher, until the police bust up the makeout sesh because they thought Mary was being raped, but she told them it was consensual. The teacher and student would later have sex at his parent’s house and at Bever Park (More like Beaver Park, AMIRITE?).

When asked how many times she had sex with the student over their nine-month relationship she gets flustered and responds, “I can’t even count, perhaps a few hundred times.”

The boy had cutesy love nicknames for his new lover, he called her “empress” and “lobster,” because lobsters mate for life. Awww!

He even wrote romantic poems to his lover.

“I love the way you smell like pizza after a long day of work, and it drives me crazy wanting a piece of the crust.”


However, the love soured after the boy shared all of the explicit photos (Including one you can see here) that Mary sent to him with his friends. They then posted the photos on Twitter. Students would interrupt Mary’s class to ask about her extracurricular activities.

Mary Beth is still enraged to this day and said, “Mark my words, when this student turns 18 I will be prosecuting for sharing all of those nude photos.”

Mary says she does not consider herself a sexual predator and “that time of her life was just so out of character for me and I wholly regret my actions and just the person that I was at the time.” She said that in her mind she was in love with the student, “We certainly said it often enough to each other.” But she is no longer in love with the student and never wants to see him again and will not contact him when he turns 18-years-old.

She said after she was fired she was working at a pizza place and a clothing store, but at the time of the interview she did not have a job. However, the sleuths at Crime Watch discovered she was a stripper by the stage name of “Bambi” at a gentleman’s club aptly named “Woody’s,” which is only a few miles from the school where she used to teach.

They also discovered a video diary by Mary Beth where she is seen sobbing and talking about how there are only a few more weeks until the student turns 18. “And then we can finally be together,” she says through tears in the video. “I love you my lobster.”

Then video shows the student entering Woody’s to go see Mary Beth. When the student is approached by the reporter he becomes agitated and tells them to speak to his lawyer.

The reporter asks Mary very loaded questions, “Any plans to meet up at Bever Park?” She says, “No.” He then follows up with, “Is Woody’s the new meet-up spot?”

There was a court order forbidding Haglin from seeing her former student until her trial date on November 14.

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