The man had been watching the porn film at a shop called SexyAngel, pictured, located on Hamburg's Reeperbahn, known as the 'square mile of sin' 

A sex shop in Germany caught fire, and one man refused to leave until he finished watching his movie. Even if it killed him.

SexyAngel, a store in Hamburg, located on Hamburg’s Reeperbahn, known as the ‘square mile of sin’, suddenly caught fire, injuring two store employees. As firefighters fought the blaze, they discovered one man still locked in one of the viewing booths, coughing in the smoke. When they tried to rescue him, he apparently refused to leave until Throbbin Hood finished.

According to authorities, the man was found in a state of high sexual arousal.” As they dragged him from the building, he reportedly screamed, “I have paid 7.50 euros for this and I haven’t finished yet!”

“He only came out after our people were battering against the locked cabin door,” said fire department spokesman Martin Schneider. “Once it was open, they grabbed him and dragged him to safety.

The man was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation…. and blue balls.

Sex Shop Catches Fire – Man Refuses To Leave Until ‘Throbbin Hood’ Finishes




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