Sex Toy Or Dog Toy? – Do You Know The Difference?

It’s one of the greatest questions of our times – is that bendy piece of plastic a dog toy or a sex toy?

No, but seriously, it is.

Anyone who’s ever owned a dog or, ahem, browsed the endless wares of a sex toy retailer *innocent face*, will be struck at how similar these two apparently different objects are. Like REALLY similar.

But despite our quiz (check it out below), it seems that some people still can’t tell the difference between anal beads and a dog chew. Amateurs.

And now the guys at College Humour have captured this confusion on camera (with a little help from a show-stealing dog called Pam).

The results are, unsurprisingly, pretty funny. In fact, we’re pretty sure some staff members have been put off both dogs and sex for the rest of their lives.
Still, a small price to pay for a lolsy video, right?
And if you want to test your innocence, have a go at our sex toy or household item quiz, below. Good luck!

2 replies on “Sex Toy Or Dog Toy? – Do You Know The Difference?”

I got 15/16 right. I got the first one wrong; I thought it was a bluetooth speaker.

14/16 I mean, I did recognize the penmouse, but hey, what are the stats again about sex and internet?

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