Sexts From New Jersey Teacher Released By Student

Nicole McDonough, the New Jersey teacher indicted on three counts of -official misconduct after it came to light that she’d had inappropriate relations with three 18-year-old students at West Morris Mendham High School. Now someone claiming to be one of those students has shared sexts with the internet, which, if real, are quite the damning evidence.

Following the wide circulation of the story Thursday, someone claiming to be one of the students sent an email that contained what were ostensibly screenshots of McDonough’s digital communications. After cross-checking the kid’s name with enrollment records and sports stories from the school in question (and the woman in the photos with images from McDonough’s since-deleted Instagram account, which were also provided by the tipster), we decided that the photos might very well be genuine.

Here are the sexxxy pix anyway. Take ‘em with a grain of salt…and another, moister grain of Santorum.

1) McDonough has clearly done her homework on the favored body parts of today’s youth.

2) Is it bad that I want to know what this kid looks like?

3) For an English teacher, her spelling is disappointing. What kind of message did that send the impressionable youths she was fucking?

We will be sure to update if and when these materials are further verified.


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