‘Sexually Inappropriate’ Babygrow Sparks Backlash From Furious Parents

A leading retailer has been slammed by parents after selling a babygrow which has a slogan which ‘trivialises rape’. 

B&M Bargains have been stocking a white sleepsuit aimed at infants, which had written across it, ‘All mummy wanted was a back rub’.

The very creepy and sexual phrasing was first spotted by Mumsnet user jarhead123, who then shared the photo to the site, adding: “Am I being unreasonable for thinking this babygrow is awful?”

As you’d expect it sparked a serious backlash, with the sexualised slogan quickly racking up comments from outraged parents.

One user said: “If ‘Mummy’ did not want sex then she was raped. This trivialises rape and that is never okay. How are these things allowed to exist?”

While others branded the clothing item as ‘Totally inappropriate’ and ‘Gross and crass’.

“It implies she didn’t want a child, which is still a pretty horrible thing to find when you’re looking through your baby photos in ten years time,” another mum added.

Worryingly, as the discussion developed, it emerged it wasn’t the only baby item to sport an inappropriate slogan.

Other mums also mentioned they’d spotted babies wearing onesies saying ‘Daddy’s little squirt’ complete with a picture of a sperm cell.

While it appears other online retailers have been selling clothing with other sexualised slogans such as ‘My dad is a motherfucker’ and ‘Hung like a six-year-old’.

There’s probably a time or place for this sort of dark humour, but maybe not on a babygrow ay?


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