Sheer Madness: 15 Hot Celebs Who Wore See-Through Clothes

Sheer Madness: 15 Hot Celebs Who Wore See-Through Clothes

kimandkate In the long history of body garments, different fabrics have served many purposes. First there was fur, taken literally off the back of an animal, with its fluffy comfort and warmth still intact. Then came leather, the dried and processed skin of the animal that provided much more durability and malleability. Wool was used, and spun into yarn for cloth. Soon felt was invented, which was also very durable and made thick winter coats. In warmer climates where such protection wasn’t needed, cotton came in handy. Its thread was thinner and produced lighter fabrics, some of which were thin enough to see through. Soon synthetic materials like nylon were added into the mix, and we had a rainbow of textures and materials to work with.

The question is: Which material shows off breasts the best? Or butts for that matter. For that answer, many fashion designers turned to a material once reserved for bridal veils and mourning bonnets. Material such as mesh and lace proved to be very versatile. Some designers used the translucent fabrics exclusively for lingerie, but it was only a matter of time before such styles appeared on the red carpet. Meanwhile, runway models dazzled audiences with bra displaying translucent blouses, and sometimes the bra beneath was purposely omitted. Things were looking good! The barely-there fashion trend caught on and soon beautiful celebrities even wore such thin materials out to grab a Starbucks. Maybe it was a hot day, or maybe they just wanted to show off. Either way, they made an awesome fashion decision.

In Rihanna’s latest music video for Work, she adorns a sheer garment, leaving little to the imagination. Rihanna has repeatedly enjoyed a good displaying, and she is not alone. Here are some of the hottest celebs that wore sheer clothes.

15. Beyonce


Queen B, in the house! The scene-stealer from the Super Bowl halftime show loves to show off her curves. Ever since her post-baby bod was sculpted to perfection, Beyonce has had no qualms about letting the whole world look. Maybe her husband, Jay-Z has had an influence on her wardrobe, because it is getting skimpier and skimpier. Beyonce has been seen on the red carpet in beautiful sheer gowns and has also performed onstage with a sparkling sheer romper. One such outfit even featured a large red sequin or jewel strategically played over each areola.

14. Lady Gaga



Well, after wearing a dress made out of meat, a nice cotton mesh must feel like a total upgrade. Lady Gaga has been seen onstage and on the street wearing sheer clothes, and has proven throughout her career to not abide by the fashion norms. Just check out her 2011 CFDA Awards outfit. She is currently engaged to television actor Taylor Kinneyand lord knows what that wedding gown will look like. Gaga has been very busy lately, singing the anthem at the Super Bowl, rocking a tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys, then singing an uplifting song about sexual assault onstage at the Oscars.

13. Gigi Hadid



Many claim that this model is only famous because of her celebrity mother, Yolanda Foster of the Real Housewives franchise. And maybe it’s true that talent and personality-wise the girl should not be popular, but based on looks alone, she deserves every dollar. The girl has an amazing body, and the olive skin and light eyes are spellbinding. Being in the fashion business, Gigi Hadid will wear just about anything you can build with needle and thread, and her portfolio contains a few see-through numbers. She can wear just about anything and still look great, including Victoria Secret angel wings.

12. Rihanna



If you go over to Rihanna’s house and peek inside her closet, she actually has more sheer shirts than regular. This singer/actress/model is seriously in love with the stuff. As mentioned in the intro, Rihanna is the sheer master, and wore a nice one in her new video with Drake, entitled Work. This girl turned all kinds of heads when she wore a totally sheer sparkling number to the 2014 CFDA fashion awards. The formal dress looked like something out of 1920’s Hollywood, except for the fact that it was completely transparent. Of course there was a furry little shawl to cover up with, but you know RiRi didn’t wear that dress to be modest, and held her shawl right around her hips.

11. Scarlett Johansson



This cute little hottie’s career was begun thanks to sheer materials. Remember the opening credits of Lost In Translation? The camera slowly panned across Scarlett Johansson‘s now famous backside in a sheer pair of underpants. Nobody knew who the heck the girl was then, but after seeing that butt, everybody wanted more. And she’s a pretty versitile actress too. She can pull off the sweet and innocent, the period piece, and even has the edge to sell the tough girl and superhero. Besides winning a BAFTA award for acting in Lost in Translation, the hottie also won Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest woman alive, the only to ever win twice.

10. Kim Kardashian


Well if there is something revealing to be worn, here is the woman who’s going to wear it. Kim Kardashian has made a career out of going bare. Everyone has seen her assets whether they wanted to or not. She is an exhibitionist, purposely wearing string bikinis to beaches crawling with paparazzi. Her appearance is all she has going for her. So of course, Kimmy goes sheer all the time. Just google Kim and sheer and a number of skimpy images emerge. These images are very easy on the eyes, but you must try hard not to think of her whiny voice and false personality. Her sisters all wear the sheer too, maybe they all pitched in and got the quantity discount.

9. Kelly Rowland


Well, you know if Beyonce is doing it then Kelly Rowland is not far behind. She’s been riding that girls coattails since Star Search back in the early 1990’s. But Kelly is a beautiful talent in her own right. Especially after getting a breast enlargement. Maybe that’s why she’s showing them off in this shot. What she should do is wear a baseball cap that says, I Got My Boobs Done At So-and-So Clinic. She’s already got them on display, so why not be a full-fledged billboard? All jokes aside, beautiful Rowland has found modest success since her split with Destiny’s Child. She hosted American X-Factor and has recently starred on the hit TV series Empire.

8. Rita Ora



Rita Ora definitely has the goods to show off with the best of them and graces several different sheer outfits in the annals of the google search image galleries. She’s also a fan of star-shaped pasties. The Albanian, born in Kosovo, first reached pop music success on the British charts before gaining stardom on this side of the pond. Her huge hit Black Widow with Iggy Azalea boosted her popularity. She recently sang onstage at the Oscars, and her after party dress was very revealing. Ora acts too, and has been seen in Fast and Furious 6 and Fifty Shades of Grey.

7. Britney Spears



There was a time when Britney Spears ruled the world, and it was largely due to her revealing use of a sparkly sheer cat suit. Her star reached its pinnacle when she walked out onstage to perform during the 2000 MTV Video Music awards. At first the crowd thought she was wearing a Michael Jackson inspired black suit and tie. But soon she ripped the suit clean off and danced seductively, virtually in the buff. Since then Britney has appeared in many sparkly rompers including the video for Toxic, as well as onstage for her current residency concerts at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

6. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson, the pretty blonde Oscar nominated sweetheart, is nothing but sweet. She wears enough yoga pants and sheer shirts to keep every man’s tongue waving, including on and off lover Nick Jonas. And the starlet has the genes to keep on going. Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn was flaunting her curves for years in Hollywood. Kate has recently had a lull in her professional career. She peaked early in Almost Famous but has settled mostly for rom-coms ever since. Her lastest film Rock the Kasbah with Bill Murray was star studded but too zany for the box office. But Kate is doing well, investing in her fashion line, JustFab.

5. Kate Upton



Another smoking hot model, buxom blonde Kate Upton demanded our full attention once she pulled herself out of that pool in that wet white t-shirt. Wet t-shirts are in a sheerness category all their own. Due to their increased cling factor, sometimes a wet T can be even more revealing than mesh. Plus the wetness factor lends itself to fantasies of a sweaty bed partner, or a co-showering opportunity. Kate has done Sports Illustrated, Carl’s Jr, an app, and even a major movie. What comes next is the question, the beauty’s star has faded lately and she seems to be clinging on the edge of fame.

4. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus wears the craziest stuff in Hollywood. Goofy fake blonde dreadlocks, or a bikini made of white teddy bear fur. Or the tackiest pink onesie with a V cut high up on her hips, pulled up tight with her crotch on display. Sometimes Miley doesn’t wear anything at all, she just holds on to a wrecking ball and swings around. Actually the sheer stuff may be some of her most decent outfits. She usually wears sparkly pasties to go with, or maybe a strategically placed electric tape X. Miley recently reunited with her ex, Liam Hemsworth, and they are engaged again. All her crazy behavior began after their first split, so maybe rekindled love will be Miley’s return to normalcy.

3. Rose McGowan

cofrinhos 5_link


Now here is a true sheer materials pioneer. Hot brunette Rose McGowan is not really a big star anymore, nor was she ever really, but she did cause quite a stir at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. She walked onto the red carpet accompanied by Marilyn Manson and everybody’s jaw just dropped. Until then there was a certain amount of modesty in the world and Rose shattered those norms with mesh. Her ‘dress’ still seems revealing even by today’s standards. After her Charmed run, and Scream success, the actress suffered major cuts to her face from a car accident, which resulted in plastic surgery. She is still working in Hollywood, but no hits lately.

2. Selena Gomez



Ah, Selena Gomez, you’ve come such a long way from Wizards of Waverly Place, haven’t you? We all know her history, theBiebs, Disney, Spring Breakers, and so on. Selena continues to captivate us, and one of the reasons why is her clothes selection. She doesn’t like wearing thick fabrics does she? The material on some of her shirts shows about everything you need to see. She had a hit singing about, “I just wanna look good for you,” and nothing rings louder than the truth. That must have been an autobiographical song about what she’s wearing every time she leaves the house.

1. Jennifer Lopez


A fashion icon since the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez has been known to push the envelope when it comes to skin. Her green Versace gown that cut down past her navel wasn’t sheer, but she was definitely exposed. She keeps on going too, and wore a sparkly, lacy gown to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. This gown also showed off her washboard stomach that still looks great even after giving birth to twins. The superstar headliner, who once was a back-up dancer for New Kids On The Block and Janet Jackson, often prefers semi-transparent body suits when she dances onstage and in concert.


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