Shia LaBeouf Is Being Sued For $5M By A Bartender

Shia LaBeouf Is Being Sued For $5M By A Bartender

An April incident that already got Shia LaBeouf bad press may also get him in legal trouble. On April 5, the actor and his wife, Mia Goth, were at Jerry’s Famous Deli in Los Angeles when LaBeouf allegedly screamed at a bartender after he refused to serve drinks to the couple (they were allegedly already too drunk). TMZ published video of the incident last month in which LaBeouf can be heard yelling that bartender David Bernstein is a “f—ing racist bitch.” Now, Bernstein is suing the actor for $5 million, People reports.

Bernstein’s lawsuit says LaBeouf entered an employee-only area of the restaurant and slammed his fist on the bar, and “appeared ready to physically confront” Bernstein after being refused service. Bernstein was forced to use a Grey Goose vodka bottle in self-defense since he feared LaBeouf was about to attack him, the lawsuit says, per the Hollywood Reporter. The defamation and assault suit goes on to claim Bernstein has suffered “significant emotional distress, anxiety, and fear,” and that he’s been ridiculed since the video appeared online. LaBeouf’s lawyer says the lawsuit is “baseless” and they will seek to have it dismissed.

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