Shia LaBeouf’s Motivational Speech Is Officially A Meme

On May 27, Shia LaBeouf shared this video collaboration with Central Saint Martins BA Fine Art students.

#INTRODUCTIONS from Rönkkö / Turner on Vimeo.

BUT it is very long and tedious SO an excerpt of an intense and powerful motivational speech was made in which he demands the audience “DO IT!” Watch it HERE

“Some people dream of success, while you’re gonna wake up and work HARD AT IT. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!”

The video was uploaded to Reddit two days ago, and quickly rocketed to the front page. People had seen the genius of the LaBeouf, and they were inspired.

Reddit user do_usernames_matter was the first to innovate, capitalising on the green screen behind Shia to remix the video with La Beouf’s motivational speech now taking place over videos of cats.

And then more videos were uploaded. This one has LaBeouf cleverly cut out and superimposed onto a balcony:

Someone also made an infomercial with the footage, using LaBeouf’s speech as a sales pitch of sorts.

And here’s Shia’s very special moment in The Avengers.

Now, there is a whole SubReddit devoted to Shia’s motivational speech and the many remixed memes to come from it. The page is aptly named “MotivaShian.

Here’s Shia motivating R2-D2 and Luke Skywalker, empowering them beyond the limit of what they think is possible.

And here he (unsuccessfully) tries to motivate Oberyn Martell in that fight scene.

What’s next for Shia? No one knows. But with his continued efforts to do new, different, and fun performances, the internet can only wait.



4 replies on “Shia LaBeouf’s Motivational Speech Is Officially A Meme”

Called it, that being said, it almost feels like if he intended for this to happen…….

I don’t mind if he hoped it would become a meme… I enjoyed the Star Wars one the most.

It says something about an art project, some of these memes sure are artistic. I want to make one of my own, maybe I will one day.

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