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Shocking Bullying Video Shows Teen Being KO’d Twice By Violent Punch

Shocking Bullying Video Shows Teen Being KO’s Twice By Violent Punch


Shocking video has shown a teenager being bullied by a group of boys – including a violent blow to the head which flattens him before he is kicked on the ground.

The video was posted to the Pure Banter Facebook page tonight and has been viewed about 170,000 times.

“Do me a favour everyone share this and identify the lads!!” the poster said.

“One thing I can’t stand is f***ing bullying! Share this til we find him!”

The video shows a young boy in the woods listening to a mobile phone on speaker with three other boys watching him while one mentions “getting money tonight”.

Suddenly, one of the boys punches the boy with the phone violently in the head.

The victim falls to the floor.

Before telling the other boys to go and leave him alone, one boy says: “You knocked him out, bro.”

But another boy, laughing, yells: “Ahh! You got dropped big man!”

This boy orders the victim to “get up, big man” before he hits him – slapping him this time and sending him back to the ground.

The victim struggles to get to his feet and appears groggy.

Another boy yells: “Leave him on the floor. Don’t stamp on him.”

One of the boys says: “Why are you crying on the floor, bro?”

While the victim is lying on the floor crying and struggling to regain composure, another of the boys kicks him in the shocking attack.

It is unclear where the incident happened, but the group appear to have British accents.

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