‘Shocking’ New Research Shows That Many 22-Year-Olds Don’t Know How To Do Basic Household Tasks

Note how I put the word “shocking” in quotes there in the headline? That means I am not shocked at all for those of you who are sarcasm-impaired.


According to new research by released by the Mirror, the average 22-year-old is pretty clueless when it comes to performing some very basic household tasks.

Here are some of the findings, see if any of them surprise you…

— one in three have no idea how to cook a roast chicken dinner


— one in five don’t know how to use a washing machine

— one in five don’t know how to use a dishwasher

— one in five don’t know how to clean an oven

— more than one in ten don’t know how to change a bag on a vacuum cleaner

— more than one in ten don’t know how to register to vote


Another one in five 22-year-olds are unable to change a fuse

So how do these millennials manage to survive without knowing the most basic of household skills?


According to the Mirror, “one in three admitting they would ‘Google it’ and one in five would log on to YouTube for advice.”

Quite the self-sufficient bunch we’re raising these days, huh? Thank goodness for the internet I guess.


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