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Shoplifting Seagull Steals Peanuts – Gets Kicked Out Of Store


In our latest installment of Animals Behaving Badly we begin in medias res, with an incensed store owner or employee booting a seagull out of his store. Then the video, uploaded on Friday by SWNS TV, cuts to in-store security footage to reveal the true extent of the bird’s crimes.

After sauntering in like he owns the place he sniffs the fruit then strolls curiously over towards the Monster energy drinks before picking out a package of peanuts. Considering it involves an animal sticking it to the man the “Thug Life” version of this video is almost certainly already being edited. And consider it from the seagull’s perspective: “Oh hai here’s a great big sunny cave full of delicious food!” Truthfully he’d be stupid not to grab some freely dangling nuts.

In any case judging from the shopkeeper’s overjoyed reaction this was clearly the highlight of his day.

Shoplifting Seagull Steals Peanuts – Gets Kicked Out Of Store

One reply on “Shoplifting Seagull Steals Peanuts – Gets Kicked Out Of Store”

He’s lucky he’s not a crow or he’d have been shot.

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