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Shopper Spots Something Seriously F*cked Up About Greeting Card – Can You See It Too?

Shopper Spots Something Seriously F*cked Up About Greeting Card – Can You See It Too?

We can bet our life-savings that the designer of this greeting card didn’t see this gaffe coming.

Picking out a greeting card can be difficult, it treads a fine line of a lack of effort and a kind gesture – with a deep and thoughtful message. Rarely does unintentional fascism come into play.

However one eagle-eyed observer spotted something really off-key about this Next greeting card and posted it on Reddit for everyone to see.

Reddit user LucyLilyPadd posted it up with a caption saying “I didn’t know Hitler was a colour”. Which is quite ironic as we’re pretty sure that the leader of The Third Reich had an intense dislike anything to with colour (or diversity).

Obviously the card is actually meant to say ‘Glitter is my favourite colour’, however because of the poorly designed font it reads like an unprecedented homage to Hitler.

Furthermore the term ‘Glitter Is My Favourite Colour’ is a redundant statement in itself. Only because glitter isn’t actually a fucking colour. A fact that many users in comments section wanted to point out.

We get what Next were trying to do here, we know it that’s meant to have a free-spirited cutesy vibe that doesn’t play to the conventions of society but they’ve gotten things hilariously wrong here.

On the bright side, at least they can say their cock-up wasn’t on the epic proportions of Pepsi.



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