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Sh*tdick American Dentist Killed A Beloved Park Lion Illegally – Now Forced To Close His Practice

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I don’t know if there’s an afterlife, much less a hell other than the one we’re already subjected to day in and day out, but if there is a fiery, infernal land where the world’s worst are sent to be relentlessly and cruelly tortured for eternity after they die, there’s a special corner reserved for dry-dicked losers like Walter Palmer.

Palmer is the piece of shit poacher who, according to The Telegraph, paid roughly $55,000 to shoot and kill Cecil, a beloved lion that lived in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. Killing animals within the confines of the park is illegal, so Palmer and Theo Bronkhorst, a professional hunter with Bushman Safaris, allegedly lured Cecil a half-mile outside of the park at night with bait, shot him with a bow and arrow, and then tracked the wounded animal for two days before killing him and removing his GPS collar (which is also against park regulations). Cecil was then beheaded and skinned for trophy.

Cecil the 13-year-old lion was one of the stars of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. He was charismatic and had an unusual black mane which mystified visitors.
Earlier this month, locals found the protected lion shot, beheaded and skinned. Authorities now believe that a local man was paid by a western hunter to lure Cecil out of the protected park so that the hunter could ‘legally’ murder the lion on a local landowner’s property.
Only wounding Cecil, it is believed that the hunter then spent two days tracking Cecil before killing him and taking a ‘trophy.’
The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force also claim that the hunting party unsuccessfully tried to remove and hide Cecil’s tracking collar.
After investigation, the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and The Telegraph are both naming Cecil’s killer as Walter Palmer, a dentist and known big game hunter from Minnesota.

A statement from Zimbabwe National Parks says Palmer and Bronkhorst did not have permits for the killing — a charge that can result in two to five years in prison. 13-year-old Cecil was well-known to visitors of the park, and his death was described as tragic by park employees. “He never bothered anybody,” said Johnny Rodrigues, the head of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force. “He was one of the most beautiful animals to look at.” Up to a dozen of Cecil’s cubs will now be killed, according to Rodrigues, who said “a new male lion in the pride will not allow them to live in order to encourage the lionesses to mate with him.”

Cecil leaves behind a pride of lions, including 24 cubs, who preservationists say, will now likely be killed by other lions.


“This is what we most often see happening in these cases,” added Dr Andrew Loveridge. “Infanticide is the most likely outcome.”


Both Bronkhorst and the landowner bordering the National Park are facing poaching charges, but the American who funded and carried out the killing seems to have, for the moment, escaped charges. Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, is no stranger to barbarically killing beautiful animals in a pathetic attempt to make up for his own inadequacies and insecurities. This shitty excuse for a man is a well-documented trophy-killer, and pictures of him proudly showing off his victims can be found on many big-game hunting blogs.






Palmer is also no stranger to legal problems related to his disgusting hobby. He pleaded guilty in 2008 to making a false statement to federal wildlife officials concerning the location of a black bear he killed during a guided hunt in Wisconsin and was sentenced to a year probation. The website for Palmer’s dentistry, River Bluff Dental, is currently down, and calls to the office are reportedly being routed to voicemail, but hopefully authorities are able to track down Palmer and hold him accountable for his horrible actions.  

Unsurprisingly, the dental surgery has not fared well on social media.


On Yelp, users have plummeted it’s rating down to 1 star.



In fact, there’s been so much backlash on social media that the dental practice seems to have shut down.


Local people have even turned the front door into a memorial for Cecil, leaving flowers and stuffed animals.

Cecil leaves behind a pride of lions, including 24 cubs, who preservationists say, will now likely be killed by other lions.

Zimbabwe National Parks have said “Ongoing investigations to date, suggest that the killing of the lion was illegal since the land owner was not allocated a lion on his hunting quota for 2015.”

Walter Palmer told reporters; “I deeply regret that my pursuit of an activity I love & practice responsibly & legally resulted in the taking of this lion. To my knowledge, everything about this trip was legal and properly handled and conducted.”

The Associated Press has been told that Zimbabwean police are already searching for Palmer in connection to the killing.

Here’s what Jimmy Kimmel Had to say about it:




Sh*tdick American Dentist Killed A Beloved Park Lion Illegally – Now Forced To Close His Practice


13 replies on “Sh*tdick American Dentist Killed A Beloved Park Lion Illegally – Now Forced To Close His Practice”

He’s a horrible person who has used his good fortune in this life to kill animals for fun, he could have hunted with a camera and put in wells and a few goats for the locals while doing it. I sincerely hope he now works until retirement with no more income than he needs to live modestly, and that he understands the horror of what he has been doing as a hobby.

Guy certainly is a douche; I’m glad he’s had to close his business and I actually agree with Kimmel in that nobody should physically harm the dentist. Hopefully, the law/legal system will be able to properly punish him; the social backlash is, and will be, bad enough I’m sure. I’d be surprised if he ever works again.

Why on gods green Earth wold you spend 50k on killing a wild and rare animal??? What sort of enjoyment is that? hand to hand with a stick ok, bit of competition, but a arrow, then a rifle!????Complete and utter arse biscuit. He has a history of doing this mind – Why Hunt / pay for a prime ‘not going to miss, any twat could do it’ shot – Bah, hope he gets what the lion got, ‘kin wanker

From the story I heard, this guy had a permit, was outside the reserve park, and did almost everything legit. The lion had a tag which he didn’t notice. It’s hardly HIS FAULT because he had hired expert guides who should have known better.
That’s the story I heard.
I’ll choose to believe the story as I read it, seeing how this article is chalk full of bias bull shit…
You don’t show outrage when a hunter shoots a deer or hooks a trout. Dude had a permit, same required for white tail deer.
As a matter of fact, the money from HIS permit has gone to conservation, which is more than everyone’s internet judgement is doing.

Bottom line…most all the outrage is about big game hunting, not the technicality of killing one lion instead of another.

Also: Doxing is one of the most pathetic things a person can do in this day and age.

It is his fault as ultimately he pulled the trigger and killed that beautiful animal. HE should of done his due diligence and not relied on ANY so called expert. He sure doesn’t qualify in my book as any kind of expert, it was on his advice the scumbag baited and shot the lion in the first place.
“You don’t show outrage when a hunter shoots a deer or hooks a trout.” Well no you don’t…because you eat the deer and the trout, not skin them out and leave the naked carcass to rot,

This scumbag is revealed to the world and I am thankful for people sharing it with everyone to see. I hope he loses everything, He sucks.

Maybe the loser is those hiding behind the keyboard, pretending that they have life’s moral high ground because no one has pointed out there issues to the internet.

I love you to death kitteh and EE, but this is waaaaay to schathing and one sided to be considered news or informative by any stretch of the imagination.

At most, it was a legit hunt, where the guides fucked up. Go vegan if you really think hunting makes a person “pathetic”, “a wet dick loser” or a “piece of shit”. The guides who were paid an enormous sum of cash are the poachers.

Regardless, the man’s family and the business the family depends on doesn’t deserve threats they receive due to sensationalist internet post by Hypocritical meat eaters.

No meat eater alive love animals more than myself (and no one cares what vegetarians have to say), but if a permit is obtained….there is no difference between a trout and a lion.

I fucking love you kitteh. Please don’t hate me, but I SOOOOO disagree with the way this “news” was presented.

But, I still love you.

turdy, I love you too (did you get my email?) BUT if the guy was sooooooo legitimate about all of the ‘HUNT’ then why did he participate in luring the lion out of the park with bait and why did he try to destroy the gps unit afterwards?

Well he got his trophy, now he can hide in his cave and look at it.

I personally have never understood the mentality of big game/trophy hunters, and hold nothing but contempt for their ilk. Wasting $50,000 on such a destructive act in consideration of the constructive good he could have done with it makes my blood boil. Do I therefore pretend I am on moral high ground? No, I believe firmly that I am on moral high ground – and sorry folks, But YEAH, I look down my nose at him with great disdain. To hell with how the story was presented or the legality of his actions, the idiot has personal problems that equal or outweigh his current civil problems. Nothing should be killed simply for the thrill of it. A camera should have been equipment enough.

EXACTLY! catastrophic! As a big game hunter, if warning bells weren’t going off when the ‘guide’ used bait on the back of their vehicle to lure the lion outside of the park, then it’s a case of two scenarios: the hunter is a complete moron or he was purposely ignoring it so he could still kill the lion.
Also, the fact that there IS evidence that they/someone in their hunting group tried to remove/destroy the collar/GPS thing off of the lion says they knew what they were doing.
I DO agree that the guy doesn’t deserve death threats; again, the social backlash plus whatever fines/jail time he might have to serve should be punishment enough.

Well said, Randyintwin!

If you’re looking for the thrill of the ‘hunt’, grab a camera; if you’re looking for the thrill of the ‘kill’…. check yourself into a freaking psychiatric ward.

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