Remember when Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for best actor? The people calling the Oscars racist don’t.

How about Denzel?

Some people, who are constantly in search of something to be outraged about, have chosen the Academy Awards as an issue to freak out over this year because they claim that since no black actors were nominated then that must be racism.

Celebrities like Will Smith and his wife Jada have decided to boycott the Oscars and the unbearably lame hashtag #OscarSoWhite is being feverishly spread across the internet by millennial know nothings.

However, as we have come to expect by now, the facts don’t really back up the narrative that African-Americans are getting screwed at the Oscars.

In fact, they aren’t even the most overlooked race.

From The Daily Caller:

A new infographic from The Economist shows that it’s actually Asians and Hispanics, not blacks, who should be annoyed with the Academy.

Currently, blacks are about 13 percent of the U.S. population. As The Economist’s chart shows, blacks have received just slightly fewer top roles and Oscar nominations as a proportion of population. When it comes to actually winning acting Oscars, blacks have in fact been over-represented since the year 2000.

In reality, the group that has the biggest bone to pick with the Academy is likely Asians. Despite being about six percent of the U.S. population, with comparable representation in the Screen Actors Guild, Asians have received just one percent of acting nominations since 2000, and haven’t won a single award.

Hispanics are similarly underrepresented. Despite now outnumbering blacks in the U.S. and representing 16 percent of the population, they receive even fewer film roles than Asians and have just a handful of Oscar nominations and wins.

Another revelation of The Economist’s chart is that, to the extent the Oscars favor white people, it mostly just reflects the demographics of film roles. Non-white actors garner about 15 percent of top film roles, get 15 percent of Oscar nominations, and win 17 percent of Oscars.

Well that’s weird.

As far as the population break down goes it looks like the Oscars are pretty fair to African-Americans and if anyone should be upset it’s Hispanics and Asians.

Where are all the hashtags about how Asian actors aren’t represented at the Oscars?

Are prominent Hispanic actors going to boycott the ceremony?

Get a grip guys, it’s an awards show.




Simple Math Proves the Oscars Are Not Racist


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