This ‘Simple’ Riddle Is Driving The Internet Nuts

This ‘Simple’ Riddle Is Driving The Internet Nuts –


Look, you’re probably not looking at the internet to use your brain, but take a break from your mindless scrolling to check out this viral math problem that is driving people nuts.

Can you figure it out?

The riddle was originally uploaded to the parenting website Mumsnet by user PeerieBresks on February 18th. Three days later, and there are over 500 comments on the post with widely varying answers from users.

Plus healthy dose of arguing debate, too.


Does your brain hurt yet?

Business Insider breaks it down like this:

Instead of thinking of the math problem as a whole, you have to think of it as two separate transactions.

If you were writing out the problem, it would look like this:

-60 + 70 = 10 and -80 + 90 = 10.

The answer? Scroll down if you want to see!


In the end, the man has made $20.

Either that or he used the first ten dollar profit to buy the horse a second time and has made $10.

Or maybe this question was formulated by and elder race of aliens scheming to make humanity splinter into factions and go insane.  Who knows? Horse Wars 2018.

The real mystery here, though, is why would this guy buy and sell the same horse twice?


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