1. “Ordered chicken nuggets from McD’s. Received a box full of pickles.”

2. “Someone on the ferry forgot to put handbrake on.”
3. “I bought a bunch of American Banknotes on eBay for my collection that came in a cheap envelope, I ripped it like any other mail only for this to happen!”

4. “Power tools and beards don’t mix.”
5. “So I dropped a bag of frozen fruits & now my floor looks like a crime scene.”
6. “When you get this… instead of your luggage.”

7. “Made a pie today. Dropped a pie today.”
8. “Asked for no pickles… given a pickles-only sandwich. .”
9. “PSA. Be sure to check the lid of your hot sauce is firmly fastened BEFORE giving it a vigorous shake.”

10. “The first day I park on the street… They stole a shitty snow brush and a first aid kit.”
11. “The drain started overflowing with liquid poop at my track meet.”
12. “50 pounds of marbles formerly in a 5-gallon glass water jug.”

13. “What kind of genius uses a white extension cord to plug in their truck over night!? Oh wait. It was me.”
14. “My friend accidentally dropped my cupcake order onto the floor :(“
15. “All that was left of my lovely bike…”

16. “Dropped a small perfume.”
17. “I absentmindedly pulled at a thread in my “pants” during lecture, only to remember I was actually wearing nylons.”
18. “My sister’s bulldog took a shit in both her boots.”

20. “Wall gave way at Morton Salt Co. in Chicago.”
21. “After years of saving, I finally bought my first house. The key snapped in the door and locked me out.”

22. “Forgetting to roll up the window all the way.”
24. “Came home to this today.”

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