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The Skinny On 10 Places To Go For Public Nudity In America

The Skinny On 10 Places To Go For Public Nudity In America

Not a lot is known in way of places where it’s alright to flop your knockers and wave your willy, but that’s all about to change right now. When it comes to getting the skinny on places for public nudity in America (places where it’s legal to flop and wave), we thought it best to test the waters by giving you a balanced dose of hot springs, parks and public beaches, all of which are spread out across the country. After all, we did a bang-up job teaching you about incognito websites where you can get off.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of bobbing your knob in the great outdoors and feel the need to let the breeze hit you just right (the taint, just between your butthole and scrotum and/or hoo-ha), we’ve got a delectable list of public nudity spots where your willy and knockers are not only allowed to shine, they’re welcomed with open arms. Well, maybe not open arms. Let them buy you a drink first. Now have a look at our favorite outdoor spots for flailing your privates without a care in the world. Disclaimer: These are not ideal destinations for family vacations.

Burning Man (Black Desert Rock, NV)

Burning Man is probably the best place to go if you’re looking to lose yourself (and your clothing) in the comfort of thousands of others. The week-long event offers your naughty bits of dust storm of fun, spiritual awakening and funky tan lines.

Black’s Beach (San Diego, CA)

If you’re thinking it’s a racial profiling beach just based on the name, you’re dead wrong, as this loose-living naked-friendly Southern California beach welcomes all manner of nude life. You can walk the sands, go for a swim or just stand there, totally naked.


Hippe Hollow Park (Austin, TX)

Once you head past the legal nude lines, all bets (and clothes) are off, as this little Austin gem is the only the sole government sanctioned openly nude park in the country. A nice stretch of Lake Travis, Hippie Hollow lives up to its namesake with a free lifestyle, that is, your privates can dangle and shine for all to see if you’re in the given parameters, just miles from Downtown Austin, which is also topless friendly, ladies.


Baker Beach (San Francisco, CA)

The secluded cove of Baker’s Beach is perfect, given its location and crisp clean air. Thrillist named this beach a “Game of Thrones” level nudity, which is just hilarious, as folks enjoy active nude sports and a Burning Man-esque type of loving, naked living. It’s not that kind of nudity that endorses arousal, but let’s just say hugs might not be out of the question. Baker’s Beach is just one of eight San Francisco nude beaches (count them, eight).

Willamettans (Springfield, OR)

Here comes a curveball: a family nudist resort. While we believe in the importance of family, just a small number of miles outside of Springfield, Oregon is a 40-acre resort of wanderlust in the buff. The largest nudist colony of the northwest, Willamettans is member owned and has close to 350 members. That’s potentially 350 naked members. The grounds are accommodating to RVs, camping and water volleyball lovers. Naked water volleyball lovers.

Verde Hot Springs (Camp Verde, AZ)

Not far from Sedona, this hot springs in native outback of Arizona allows for a friendly naked soak with strangers surrounded by beautiful limestone formations. The thermal pools are swell with healing waters, but the nudity is best kept away from the children’s pool area, thank you.


Coxing Kill (New Paltz, NY)

While most of our locations are in western United States, this eastern gem is located in the Mohonk Preserve, just an hour and a half outside of the urban life of New York City. A nice hike in upstate New York takes you down a path to Split Rock, a friendly waterfall area for nude bathing and suntanning. Just pay attention to the signs.

Conundrum Hot Springs (Aspen, CO)

There is ironically no conundrum at all when it comes to breathtaking views, open mountain air and hot springs with beautiful naked people. A popular spot about a 9-mile hike from Aspen, this is one of several desirable stops along the Colorado outdoors. But this place is no joke. It may seem like a hippie hangout, but it’s 11 thousand feet up where oxygen is as scarce as the clothing around the hot springs.

Orvis Hot Springs (Ridgway, CO)

If she’s there, so are we. Nestled beneath the San Juan Mountains, this Ridgway spot is a clothing-optional (don’t be a pussy) hot springs, much like the others. No stranger to sights and sounds of nature, Orvis operates as a resort for much more than just naked bathing with a number of pools and a few private tubs, along with tent space, lodging and camping grounds.

Valley View Hot Springs (San Luis Valley, CO)

Also with a view of the San Juan Mountains, Valley View Hot Springs and Orient Land Trust is  a frequented area with multiple levels of hot springs. From their Top Spring, the largest single-flowing water reserve, to their soak ponds and swimming pools, there’s a little bit of everything for the stark naked fish in us all. Depending on the time of year and how you like to soak, there’s a naked spot to swim for all, with views that’ll arouse all the senses (hopefully not too much if there’s a crowd) and not an ounce of chlorine necessary.


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