Smoking Hot Dethroned Former Miss USA Arrested In Australia For Beating Up Her Boyfriend

At one time former Miss Virginia USA Nikki Poteet was the proud owner of the Miss USA crown. On Wednesday she was in Downing Centre local court in Sydney, Australia facing a charge of assaulting her boyfriend.

She must have done a real number on him too because the boyfriend, Wade McKenzie, took out an apprehended violence order against her. (Similar to a restraining order here in America.)


Reports The Daily Telegraph

The tall, glamorous blonde made a brief appearance before NSW Deputy Chief Magistrate Christopher O’Brien on Wednesday.

Police allege that on the evening of December 16 at Neutral Bay, that the 29-year-old assaulted Wade McKenzie occasioning actual bodily harm.

This isn’t Poteet’s first run-in with controversy, or the law, for that matter either.

Ms Poteet made news in the US when she was forced to deny claims she verbally attacked her gay flatmate and made a homophobic slur, and when she was charged with assault and battery against a former boyfriend.

The charges were dropped and the beauty queen, who is known as Nikki Poteet, denied making the comments.

However, Ms Poteet was forced to hand back her Miss United States crown after she posted a picture of herself wearing it on Facebook with the caption “Miss Alcoholic USA”.

“Miss Alcoholic USA…” I like her style.

Oh yeah, there was also this…

In March 2013, Richmond County, Virginia police arrested Ms Poteet following a dispute with her ex-boyfriend, James McElroy, NBC news reported.

Charged with misdemeanour assault and battery. Ms Poteet faced a Richmond court in May 2013.

When prosecutors asked Mr McElroy what had happened, he said he couldn’t remember and the judge dismissed the charges.

This arrest, among other things, led to her losing her crown.

Director of the Miss United States Pageant Organisation, Chris Wilbur, told NBC in a statement, “[Ms Poteet’s] character was not a good fit for the organisation so we gave her the option to change or leave. She chose to leave.”

All pretty shocking, huh?

None of that is as shocking as what The Daily Telegraph mentioned at the end of their article, reporting that Poteet worked for four years as a Nuclear Safety Analysis Engineer for Dominion Virginia Power before moving to Australia.


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