Snake Shedding Its Skin Was Trapped For Over Three Hours…Inside Of Its Own Shedding Skin


Shedding is a natural occurrence for most species, human including, but it’s significantly more pronounced in snakes. In humans we flake off our dead skin cells on the regular but we hardly ever notice it happening. Snakes are famous for shedding because every so often they completely ditch their outer layer of skin, leaving behind a scaly sheath of dead snake skin behind so that everyone knows there’s a snake in the area.

This poor Stimson’s Python from the Alice Springs Reptile Center in Australia was going through his periodic shedding of skin when he happened to rip the space-time continuum. He got caught in his own dead skin, and proceeded to stay caught in his dead skin, slithering in circles, for over THREE hours. Here he is in action:

If you want this nightmare fuel on gif format, here you go.


Here’s the snake finally breaking free from his dead skin prison, as well as the fully intact snake skin loop (with a slight hole where the snake finally escaped):



Could you imagine being trapped inside of your own dead skin? Kind of like you are right now? I bet you’re wishing you didn’t take so much acid before reading this, huh? Drugs are funny, yeah?


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