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Snap Of Former Bodybuilder’s Butt Goes Viral For The Right Reasons

Snap Of Former Bodybuilder’s Butt Goes Viral For The Right Reasons

A snap of a former bodybuilder’s bum has gone viral on social media as she wants to show that “cellulite, love handles or extra pounds” are not “flaws.”

Fitness blogger Molly Galbraith, from Lexington, Kentucky, says she is rejecting the idea that women should “accept and embrace” their “flaws” as she does not believe they are flaws in the first place.

The 32-year-old also rejects the idea women should strive for the perfect body.

Molly, who is 5ft 10in and weighs 12st 1lbs, said: “So many women are at war with their bodies and it’s so tragic because I feel like they are so consumed with the size of their thighs that they miss out on living their life.

“For me to hear that women are literally sitting on the sidelines because they think there is something fundamentally wrong with their bodies is just heartbreaking.

“I agreed with the ’embrace your flaws’ narrative for decades and I let it run through my head like a broken record while punishing myself with intense exercise and restrictive dieting to fix those things the world told me needed fixing.

“‘I have cellulite on my legs, stretch marks on my hips, butt, and breasts, and some jiggle on my belly – and the world constantly wants me to believe this is not OK.”

“But I won’t subscribe to someone else’s standards and ideals for MY body.

“So, instead of embracing what someone else determined to be a flaw of mine, I choose to embrace my whole, flawless body.”


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