An English stripper named Chelsea Ferguson has taken to Twitter in protest after Snapchat repeatedly kicked her off for distributing what it considered to be “pornographic content.”

According to The Daily Star, Ferguson, who works at the Blue Velvet gentlemen’s club in the very British sounding city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, has been kicked off the photo-sharing app multiple times for posting R-rated pictures of herself in an effort to promote her shifts at the club. Here’s one such photo:

For those not in the know, Snapchat lets people send each other photos that disappear after a set amount of time, making it the ideal venue for flashing one’s naked body either as a sexual come-on or, in the case of strippers, an advertisement for one’s work.

“I was the queen of Snapchat and my tits were the crown jewels so I think they should un-ban me and put me back on my throne,” the buxom entrepreneur told The Daily Star. “I have thousands of people tweet and message me every day saying they miss me on there and how it used to brighten up their day at work.”

Is Snapchat trying to overthrow the wage system? Thou hast slain the people’s monarch. 

To add insult to injury, the Snapchat rep who banned her put a smug little smiley in the email explaining why she was banned:



The hypocrisy of banning nudity from an app invented so tweens could sext each other pictures of their genitals was not lost on the Queen:

“How can they ban me from Snapchat when people use it for sending pictures of your tits and arse – that’s what it was invented for. Millions of people downloaded Snapshat to see me in the first place so it’s them who are losing out.”

Maybe they were just jealous someone figured out how to monetize Snapchat before they did.

Ferguson has since retreated to the considerably more NSFW-friendly Twitter, where she has 730,000 followers as of this writing. She has re-posted many of her greatest ‘tits’ there:

In addition to her slammin’ stripper bod, many of her photos reveal an interest in food preparation; perhaps she’ll team up with Jamie “the Naked Chef” Oliver to teach the people of the UK about the benefits of a well-balanced diet.


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