This Snapchat Story About A Sex Injury Is The Most Bizarre Thing Today

Thanks to Snapchat, people feel comfortable enough to send out photos and stories of things in their life, even if it’s pretty damn humiliating. And if they are screengrabbed, they will be notified of it. Well, some people don’t care, and that’s why these gems are saved — including the hilarious Snapchat story below.

Now there are plenty of sex injuries that have sent people to the hospital, but the one below is definitely out there. This story pretty much focuses on one couple that decided to get down and dirty in a dark bedroom, and how they quickly learned that was a really, really bad idea.

Now of course this gal may have exaggerated the story a tad, but it sure does make for an entertaining tale. Enjoy this.


So this girl proceeds to tell the story of this bizarre injury using nothing but hilarious memes.

Holy hell, what in the hell just happened? And kudos to this girl for her amazing use of memes, and for having a pretty tough forehead.


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