Sneaky Ways Restaurants Try To Save Money

Sneaky Ways Restaurants Try To Save Money

The restaurant business is a tough one. Estimates suggest as many as 80 percent don’t last five years. It’s hard to make ends meet, and sometimes, restaurants have to do some creative things to turn a profit. Here’s what you should know.

Do the math next time you order a glass or bottle of wine at a restaurant, and the numbers will likely horrify you.

Restaurants have an unwritten rule for wines by the glass: The price of a single glass of wine should be enough to cover the cost of the whole bottle. A restaurant could argue that they might end up wasting the rest of the bottle if it goes bad before someone orders that particular wine again, and also factored into the price is the restaurant’s cost of glassware, bar staff, and overhead. But do those extra expenses really account for markups of as much as 600 percent?

Cocktails carry a similarly inflated price, with markups of an average of 200 percent. In all fairness, some of this price might be offsetting expensive liquor licenses, which can set an establishment back as much as $400,000.

Watch the video to learn about more sneaky ways restaurants try to save money!

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