SNL Turns Impeachment Into Actual Soap Opera: Days of Our Impeachment

The Trump impeachment hearings get the soap opera treatment they need to keep the American people paying attention.

For those left less than titillated by the Trump impeachment hearings last week, Saturday Night Live tossed them and a soap opera in a blender and came out with Days of Our Impeachment. Jon Hamm notably dropped by to play former Ambassador Bill Taylor and make out with AOC (Melissa Villasenor) in a sketch that lampooned everyone from Marie Yovanovitch (Cecily Strong), Adam Schiff (Alex Moffat), and Rudy Giuliani (Kate McKinnon) to disgraced NFL player Myles Garrett (Kenan Thompson). In his fifth appearance on the show, Harry Styles pulled double duty as guest host and musical host.



One reply on “SNL Turns Impeachment Into Actual Soap Opera: Days of Our Impeachment”

In reality Washington DC is nothing but a sad soap opera filled with corrupt and scandalous politicians pretending to run a country while stabbing each other in the back and filling their pockets with bribe money, donated by greedy lobbyists….

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