So There Might Be ‘Buildings On The Moon’

Well, if there are plans to have a hotel in space by 2020, it wouldn’t shock me if there are already a condo or ten on the moon’s surface.

According to YouTube channel UFOMania, these people aren’t saying that we never landed on the moon. In fact, they are saying that buildings are already there.

UFOMania looked through footage of the Apollo 16 moon landing and believe they spotted what looks like a ‘Lunar Base’ in the background. While astronaut John Young is collecting lunar samples to take back to Earth, you see the mystery “building” in the background.

Have a look for yourself:

Well this is what they are talking about:

And there’s also this:

Well, who knows what the truth truly is as if there was a building Nasa would keep it secret. And they wouldn’t tell the president because obviously he would have tweeted about it.

If only Stanley Kubrick was alive so we could ask him, am I right?


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