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12 Social Experiments That Almost Killed The Researcher

Social Experiments That Almost Killed The Researcher


Social psychology and the experiments that take place in that nebulous world have been occurring since at least the 19th century, when researchers began trying to create utopian communities in the United States. Obviously that didn’t work. In defense of the failed utopian communities, rather than devolve into bloodshed and mayhem, the communities either drifted apart or transformed into a more sustainable society. The social experiments on this list didn’t exactly end the same way. In fact, most of people on this list who tried to change the way a human being does something either ended up vomiting everywhere, getting choked by a stranger, or found themselves trapped in a tunnel. What are the odds, right? Whatever you do, don’t try these social experiments gone wrong at home.



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Nazi scientists. But for your project paperclip they’d have been hung, but instead they had their histories whitewashed and spun, were given highly paid government jobs and citizenship because you needed more people like them. Freedom Bitchez!

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