Socialite Offers Ex-Husband a Special Wedding Gift: Wallpaper Made From His New Wife's SkinA wealthy socialite who’s evidently having a hard time coming to terms with the dissolution of her marriage reportedly offered to skin her ex-husband’s new wife alive—for wallpapering purposes.

According to the New York PostNew York’s number one news source for crazy rich people doing crazy things—Nirit Resnick Varenbut and Josh Resnick divorced in 2012. The ensuing three years have, according to court documents, been a whirlwind of homicidal threats, Hamptons surveillance, and increasingly unhinged Facebook postings.

Last summer, the East Hampton Star reports, she went so far as to rent an East Hampton home to better stalk her ex—despite an order of protection barring her from contacting him and his new family.

The restraining order specifically referenced threats made on Facebook, which were detailed in recent court filings, published by the Post:

The socialite ex-wife of a Manhattan hedge-fund boss launched a vicious harassment campaign against his current spouse, threatening to flay her and turn her into “wallpaper,” court documents and sources say.

“I want you to hurt, hurt, hurt,” Nirit Resnick Varenbut allegedly told her ex, Josh Resnick, in a post on the Facebook page of his second wife, online food writer Danyelle Freeman.

“I want to be the one who skins her alive. I can make wallpaper out of her.”

And more recently:

Varenbut lashed out again last month, telling Freeman she would “rot in hell” for posing in a Facebook photo with her son, court documents say.

“Josh Resnick married someone more evil than himself,” she allegedly wrote in a Facebook post.

She is featured in another Gawker story talking about how she loves Cocaine, Orgies and Abusing her employees

The rich: they are different from you and me—they’re fucking insane!


Socialite Offers Ex-Husband A Special Wedding Gift: Wallpaper Made From His New Wife’s Skin

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