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Somebody Stole Two Pianos From An Atlantic City Mall And The Dude Who Runs Its Facebook Page Lost His Mind

Somebody Stole Two Pianos From An Atlantic City Mall And The Dude Who Runs Its Facebook Page Lost His Mind

You either need to have balls the size of grapefruits or a shit ton of meth in your system to steal a couple of pianos from a mall, but that’s what happened at the Playground Pier in Atlantic City last weekend.

Naturally, there were a lot of people who were pretty upset about the situation, but for a good portion of the week, it was safe to say that nobody was more butthurt about it than the guy or gal who runs the luxury shopping mall’s Facebook page.

After notifying the Playground’s followers Monday night that somebody had stolen both of their pianos, the social media manager playfully ended his or her post with “We apologize in advance” since they were going to have to use a borrowed piano and Casio keyboard until they were properly replaced.

But after that, let’s just say it got anything but playful. People who responded with simple questions about how two pianos got nabbed in front of police and security cameras or funny, harmless posts about Donald Trump needing them for his inauguration were met with harsh responses calling them “pussies,” “fucking idiots,” and of course, “pieces of shit.”



Wow. So did this guy hide his weed stash in one of those pianos or what? I mean, not since Liberace has somebody been this passionate about a piano or two.

Of course, a spokeswoman for the mall is going with the typical “we’ve been hacked” explanation for the “horrific” comments that were left on their Facebook page for almost an entire week, but that might actually be the truth this time around, as their website was also hacked for a short while earlier this month before they regained control of it.

Well, whether it’s a hacker or the actual social media manager for the Playground, kudos for calling out the dude who misused “there” in his retort. That’s almost as annoying as your pianos getting ganked.


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