Someone Figured Out What All Those Crazy Sex Dreams You Have Really Mean And It’s Pretty Fascinating Stuff



Ever since we were little, there’s a good chance that, every once in awhile, we’ll find ourselves dreaming about doing the dirty while fast asleep. It’s OK to admit it because, let’s face it, it leaves us feeling happy in the morning that we’ve got some “mental material” for the shower before we head off to work.

Have you ever wondered what those dreams really mean, though?

While you and I may not be smart enough to figure something like that out, Marianne Vicelich, a relationship expert and psychologist, is, as she described exactly what that weird dream about banging your boss in the corner office means, among others, in her new book, Love Spells.


Sex With An Ex

If you are dreaming of having sex with your ex this could imply unresolved issues, you may be missing the intimacy that you previously had with that partner or you could be missing the sexual connection.

Do you still miss them? The dream could mean wishful thoughts of reconnection. It could also mean coming to terms with the end of that chapter of your life.

The symbolism of seeing your ex in your dream could be a warning that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in an emerging new relationship. It also may represent nervousness in regard to a new relationship.


Sex With A Celeb

This is about you personifying yourself in that role. You are fulfilling your fantasy wish in your dreams and this could suggest a continuation of your thoughts and beliefs in your waking life. It represents your drive for success and acknowledgement. Your confidence is soaring in life and you believe you are worthy of much more than what your current partner can give you.

Although this could be a fictitious infatuation, it could symbolise an unfulfilled reality in your day-to-day life. It may be a safe way to release pent up or repressed sexual desires or lack of sexual satisfaction in your own life.



Dreaming of your partner cheating on you indicates a lack of attention in real life by your partner. Since they are not paying attention to you this can trigger your greatest fear that they are cheating on you, which can manifest in the form of a dream depicting this.

Cheating in a dream symbolises your fear of abandonment, self-esteem issues, or re-enactments of past cheating partners. You may be questioning if you can trust your partner, you may be overlooking hints that your subconscious is picking up on.

To dream that you are the one having the affair indicates feelings of self-guilt and self-betrayal. An interpretation of your infidelity could suggest that your needs are not being met in your current relationship. It could also mean that you are exploring areas of your sexuality.


Sex With Your Boss

This indicates your desire for control, power and authority. You may see qualities in this person that you wish to incorporate into your life. It suggests you need to empower yourself in life and take charge of your life and career. This could also indicate the need for control in your current relationship and the need for thrill and excitement in your own love life.

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