Someone’s Tweaked The Image Search Results For The Black Swallower Fish And LOL, Kanye’s Gonna Hate This


The black swallower fish is aptly named for its ability to swallow fish that are actually larger than itself due to an expanding jaw/mouth, and because it’s a deep sea fish who lives at depths of up to 9,000-feet below the ocean’s surface. The black swallower fish is also one of the most terrifying looking fish in the sea, but the image search results for this unique fish aren’t all scary, one of them is actually pretty f’n hilarious.

I came across the first picture on Imgur and was skeptical that these were the real Google Images search results, so I did my own Googling and Kanye West is going to fucking hate this:




There she is, Kim Kardashian West, every time you search the phrase ‘image of a black swallower’. I can’t be certain because I don’t know the ins and outs of Google’s algorithm but if I had to wager a guess I’d say that images of Kim Kardashian West show up because of her sex tape with Ray J, and her long history of dating only black males (I’d list them all but I really don’t give a flying fuck).

Source     I AM Bored

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