Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong With Iggy Azalea’s Ass

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong With Iggy Azalea’s Ass


The internet is good for a lot of things. Sometimes things can get taken away fast. When Iggy seemed to have lost her famous ass, the internet let her know!

The booty came back but seems to have been lost again. Cue internet trolls.

26 weeks ago Iggy posted this pic and the internet went wild about her booty again.

You could tell something was a little fishy when someone who is known for having a massive booty hasn’t posted a single pic of it in 13 weeks. And even this pic 13 weeks ago was pretty half-assed.

This weekend the booty made its comeback. Only something isn’t looking quite right. I guess plastic doesn’t hold its shape forever.

While on vacation with her new boyfriend who is a Los Angeles producer Iggy’s body was looking interesting:

The internet, of course, roasted the shit out of poor Iggy.

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Yeah I’ll tell ya what went wrong she asked madonna for her dudes card that’s what went wrong lol.

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