Something Seriously Spooky’s Going On In The London Underground

A dark and mysterious figure has been spotted lurking in one of the world’s busiest and largest public transport networks. 

A passenger on the London Underground who entertained himself by filming the platform caught the ghostly apparition lurking in the tunnel before his train arrived.

The short video was filmed at Knightsbridge station in west London by an unidentified man while he waited for the tube, The Mirror reports.

Ghost-on-the-tube (1)

As he films the platform he turns round, spotting the spectre crouching just inside the mouth of the tunnel as it leans over the tracks before hiding behind the barriers.

There’s good reason to suspect that Knightsbridge may be haunted especially considering the number of grisly landmarks claimed to be in the area.

The history website, says that back in the mid-seventeenth century a small plague pit is believed to have been used as a burial ground for those who died at the nearby Knightsbridge lazarhouse.


Meanwhile local legend purports that the track between Knightsbridge and South Kensington stations were built close to a 17th century burial pit for leprosy victims, which is why the track curves so aggressively to avoid the mass grave.

Knightsbridge isn’t the only tube station rumoured to be haunted though; Bank, Liverpool Street, Aldgate and King’s Cross are all thought to have ghouls lurking about.


Back in the year 2000, workers at Liverpool Street spotted a ghost on CCTV walking along one of the station’s platforms while they worked a night shift.

However, when they went down to investigate the man they found nothing but one of their colleagues claimed they were stood right next to the apparition.

All the pair found when they investigated was a mysterious pair of white overalls on the platform.

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