Sophie Turner Got A New Tattoo And GOT Fans Think It Might Be A Spoiler –

Sophie Turner, whom you might know as Sansa on Game of Thrones (or as the fiancee of Joe Jonas), just got a new tattoo — and it’s GOT-themed. The artist who did the ink (Australian Lauren Winzer) posted it on Instagram, where it’s got tons of people wondering if it’s some kind of spoiler for the show’s upcoming eighth and final season.



The tattoo is of the Stark family sigil (a creature that looks not unlike a direwolf), along with the words “The pack survives.”

So what does it mean? Was it just a reference to her late father Ned Stark saying, “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives”?

Or does it mean that the remaining Starks on the show are going to make it until the end?

Probably the former. Maybe the latter? People are going crazy trying to figure it out in the comments of the post.

Even the original direwolves weighed in!

Speaking of direwolves, someone mentioned that Sansa’s late direwolf, Lady, would be proud of the tattoo. No, YOU’RE crying!


A lot of people think it just has to do with the times that both Ned and Sansa Stark have said that phrase.

Maybe the group will get matching tattoos! We’ll just have to wait and see. Same goes for the eighth season of Game of Thrones, which still feels like an eternity away (it won’t air until 2019).


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