How ‘South Park’ Changed Television

How ‘South Park’ Changed Television


South Park is unabashedly vulgar. The language can be crude and the action is sometimes, um, a little much—but the comedy is biting, the issues are relevant, and it’s done so much to change what television looks and sounds like today. Kaptain Kristian dives into how the language of a cartoon could affect reality and the concept of censorship in this fun look into the history of South Park.

To think of how I Love Lucy wasn’t allowed to say “pregnancy” way back when and compare it to the trail that South Park has blazed (and the work it’s still doing against censorship) is pretty crazy. Like, they said “shit” 200 times in a single episode. Sure, fighting to say curse words on air might not be the most honorable cause for some people, but it helps to push boundaries and questions what is actually right and wrong.

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