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Southwest Passenger Alleges Man Next To Her Masturbated From Vegas To Philly

Southwest Passenger Alleges Man Next To Her Masturbated From Vegas To Philly



They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but apparently it doesn’t apply to men who like punching their clowns on airplanes.

According to Fox News, that’s the hell one female passenger said she recently endured for almost five hours aboard a Southwest flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia.

Elly Shariat said at first she thought the man had stumbled upon the wrong website Tuesday, but it turned out he was just a massive pervert. He continued to watch porn clip after porn clip “like it was nothing.” Unfortunately for Shariat, it turned out to be something, as the man allegedly didn’t “try to hide his actions or his penis.” Worse than that (somehow), he even handed flight attendants soiled napkins after he used them to “clean up.”

Shariat also said that the first time he “finished,” he used his left hand, gripped her right forearm and pinned it down to the arm rest, displaying enough strength to scare her from getting up to tell any of the flight attendants onboard. Instead, Shariat tried to get help via Twitter while the guy next to her continued to rough up his suspect.

Southwest responded by asking her to reach out to the flight attendants onboard. After Shariat said she was too scared to do so, they instructed her to point out the guy after the plane landed. That also didn’t happen, as the man allegedly “got up from his seat, patted her on the head and told her he hoped she enjoyed the show” before she could point him out to flight attendants.

Once she finally caught up with a flight attendant, she was told to report it to a supervisor. For her troubles, that supervisor allegedly offered Shariat a free dinner because, you know, she must have been so hungry at that point.

Southwest said they are looking into it, but they have “nothing to share” at this time. If what Shariat said is indeed true, it sounds as though the same could be said about the guy who was sitting next to her.

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